Leadership Trainer

Joel Gluck


Recent Training Assignments

  1. Asian-region partners in top international consulting firm, to increase client-facing presentation skills, as well as improve communication/relationship with internal teams.

  2. Top 150 leaders of New York-based private equity firm, to help discuss and explore alignment with firm values and how to communicate new behaviors and attitudes throughout the organization.

  3. Entire HR department of a rapidly-growing Boston-area pharmaceutical firm, to help foster conditions for organizational change, boost team morale, and work constructively on team issues ranging from internal client relationships to leadership development.

  4. Partnering with a top university’s executive education program  training the next generation of leaders in a major medical device manufacturer, with a focus on relationship-building, teamwork, and confronting the challenges faced in a global leadership context.

  5. Top management of a major southern-US energy firm, to improve skills in presentation, storytelling, and influencing at all levels.

  6. New product team for a large document storage company, to build team morale and relationships across the team, clarify team leadership issues, and address a range of problems facing the team.

  7. Principals of a Boston-based professional services firm, to help prepare them for the demands of operating at the partner level, including increased skills in reaching out to clients, engaging in dialogue with confidence and credibility, as well as specific feedback and improvements to their physical and vocal presence.


EXPERIENCE  25 years facilitating leadership training programs at all organizational levels, on six continents

KEY FOCUS AREAS  expert in leadership presence, communication, inspiring action, building confidence, improving individual and team relationships, approaching difficult conversations, fostering team development, achieving emotional stability and work-life balance

INDUSTRIES  Fortune 50, professional services, energy, technology and manufacturing, pharmaceuticals/biotech, finance, media, government, non-profit

LOCATION  based in Boston, Massachusetts

As a trainer, facilitator, and program designer, Joel brings over two decades of experience in the classroom, helping leaders and teams maximize their unique presence, build deeper relationships, and overcome obstacles to achieve lasting results.