Joel Gluck

Executive Coach


Recent Coaching Assignments

  1. Young, brilliant principal with a major international consulting firm, a European based in Asia, to improve his approachability, help him listen to others, and build better relationships with his team

  2. Executive with a non-profit whose mission is to improve the economy of inner cities, to help present with clarity and charisma, and to deal with nerves

  3. Senior Partner, Boston office of a top business consultancy, to help reverse tendency toward shyness, and help reach out to clients in new situations

  4. New high-level hire in an exclusive, conservative financial firm, to improve ability to present facts as a compelling story, build client relationships, influence senior leaders, and increase confidence

  5. President of a regional Federal Reserve Bank, to prepare for the closing presentation of an internal leader-training program, balancing the need to maintain credibility while demonstrating creativity and personal growth

  6. Department head of a major telecomm company, to improve her influence within her peer group, increase rigor and clarity in managing her team, and instill new ways to manage stress and develop work-life balance

  7. VP of a large high-tech firm, and his entire team, to improve presence, communication, and feedback skills within the team, and strategize team approach to building relationships with internal clients and company leadership.


EXPERIENCE  25 years of experience coaching executives and leaders at all organizational levels, on six continents

KEY FOCUS AREAS  expert in leadership presence, communication, inspiring action, building confidence, improving individual and team relationships, approaching difficult conversations, fostering team development, achieving emotional stability and work-life balance

INDUSTRIES  Fortune 50, professional services, energy, technology and manufacturing, pharmaceuticals/biotech, finance, media, government, non-profit

LOCATION  based in Boston, Massachusetts

As a coach, Joel brings a wealth of understanding of behavioral change, helping leaders achieve concrete results for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

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